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PrivazyPlan®    -    The product



The PrivazyPlan® is a practical guide for implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the amended German Federal Data Protection Act (amended BDSG). It focusses on the non-public sector (i.e. private enterprise).

The extensive data protection requirements are reduced to around 50 specific obligations and presented in an easy-to-understand overview: What obligations are there? What do they mean? How can they be implemented?

You will learn everything you need to know to avoid fines and claims for damages across approximately 380 informative pages. As such, the PrivazyPlan® is not a textbook but purely a working paper. This focus makes the PrivazyPlan® an entirely unique product. You will not find anything comparable anywhere else.

The PrivazyPlan® is supplied in the form of a PDF document. In landscape mode, you can read it comfortably on a computer monitor - or print it out on paper. We will provide you with useful monthly updates until 25/05/2019.

The PrivazyPlan® will also be available in an English-language version from December 2017.

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PrivazyPlan®    -    Our service promise



PrivazyPlan® provides you with the approx. 50 obligations from the GDPR and amended BDSG. It tells you exactly what Brussels and Berlin require of you in a concentrated form.

The new magic word is “Compliance”. A detailed documentation is an absolute must. Compliance with laws and operating with due diligence must be secured through Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles. And this is exactly what the PrivazyPlan® offers.

Each individual obligation is explained precisely. We provide you with concrete recommendations as to how you can specifically implement any obligation facing your company. There are numerous checklists and sample forms to help you. So, what are you waiting for? The PrivazyPlan® is the perfect opportunity for ensuring data protection compliance by the deadline of 25 May 2018.

How can we be so sure that the PrivazyPlan® can keep this promise?

Quite easily: we use the PrivazyPlan® to handle our own data protection clients. It is thus in our own interest that the PrivazyPlan® is legally compliant and capable of answering the most important questions. And our licensing system, DSB-MIT-SYSTEM®, is after all in use with over 100 companies. If something in the plan is not correct or does not “work”, then we will be the first to know and can correct or enhance it accordingly.

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PrivazyPlan®    -    The author



Nicholas Vollmer was born in 1968. After secondary school, he studied electrical engineering at Krefeld where he received his diploma. He has been working freelance in the IT sector continuously since 1995. He assumed the role of external data protection officer for his first clients in 2003. As of 2013, the DSB-MIT-SYSTEM® licensing system is linked to 10 companies. Work on the PrivazyPlan® began in November 2016 and has since seen a year of intensive refinement.

The PrivazyPlan® is a large PDF document that is updated monthly. Nicholas Vollmer has already gathered vast experience using this approach: the TOM-Guide® has been provided in exactly this method since 2005 to its subscribed companies.

With an engineering rather than legal background, Nicholas Vollmer finds it easy to write the PrivazyPlan® in clear and widely understood language. Of course, legal precision is key, but the PrivazyPlan® has been designed in such a way that it can be understood and applied by lay people.

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